What is Spotlight?

Spotlight reports provide a deep dive into the fundamentals that shape the outlook for midstream energy companies. In each report we “Spotlight” a midstream energy firm, usually one operating within an MLP structure. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, fundamental- based view of our Spotlight companies based on a bottoms-up analysis of their assets and operations. We tear apart their asset structure to reveal what volumes are flowing, what rates are (and can be) charged, how they are exposed to commodity price risk, how their assets fit together, and what aspects of their operations provide competitive advantages in today’s extremely volatile energy marketplace.

Who Publishes Spotlight?

Spotlight is a joint venture of RBN Energy, LLC and East Daley Capital Advisors, Inc. We have joined together with the support of Oil & Gas Financial Analytics, LLC to provide a comprehensive, detailed insight into the companies we select for our analysis. We use publicly available data, combined with the deep experience of our combined teams to get to the answers that can be overlooked in the more high-level assessments that are in the marketplace today. Instead of such a high-level approach, we get into the micro-level detail, integrating fundamentals data, market data, and company data in a comprehensive model that provides a clear picture of the company and its prospects.

Where Does Spotlight Data Come From?

As with all energy fundamental analysis, Spotlight reports rely on estimates and approximations of volumes, throughputs, and fees. No non-public data from the subject company or any other source has been used in the preparation of this report.

Spotlight Live Sessions

Spotlight Live Sessions are live online events, with senior members of the RBN and East Daley Capital teams, presenting key take-aways and answering questions from the audience about the latest Spotlight report.

How can I get Spotlight?

Spotlight is available to RBN Backstage Pass subscribers. Non-subscribers may purchase individual company Spotlight reports separately.