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RBN NATGAS Appalachia - Northeast Natural Gas Fundamentals

Appalachia is the largest natural gas-producing basin and supplier of gas to the eastern half of the U.S., including one of the primary sources of feedgas supply for LNG export terminals. The supply basin and its outflow dynamics — i.e., the ability to move its vast surpluses of gas out of the Northeast — not only drive gas prices within the region, but also affect prices and gas flow patterns in just about every other region in the U.S. and Canada, either directly or through displacement. In short, Appalachia plays a starring role in the overall U.S. gas market’s supply-demand balancing act.

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NATGAS Appalachia includes​

  • Northeast Supply-Demand ​
  • Takeaway Capacity & Flows ​
  • Supply-Demand, Takeaway & Basis Forecasts
  • Production Details ​
  • Basis & Price Spreads ​
  • History Data File with Annual License ​
  • Updated Weekly

By the late 2010s, Appalachia finally had sufficient pipeline capacity to avoid severe supply congestion and deep, constraint-driven price discounts. However, with outright gas prices at multi-year highs, downstream LNG export demand strong, and production on the rise, Appalachia’s outflows are at record highs and spare exit capacity is again dwindling. Without additional takeaway capacity, the region is headed for a constraint-driven market in the coming years. When will the next inflection point come, how bad could it get, and what will that mean for Northeast prices as well as downstream markets?

RBN’s regional expertise — built over years of consulting on Appalachian gas market fundamentals — is now consolidated into a concise weekly report to address these critical market questions.

The RBN NATGAS Appalachia report provides the data and insights to monitor the market’s twists and turns and identify the risks and opportunities along the way, including tracking supply-demand trends, outbound capacity and their impact on takeaway pipeline utilization, and regional prices.

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