Hit Singles

RBN Energy occasionally publishes energy reports and analysis as special deliverables that are unrelated to our traditional reports, known as Hit Singles. These may be Drill Down reports that are also available as part of the Backstage Pass subscription, completely independent market studies, or even books. Each of the Hit Singles involves a detailed dive into energy markets and offers readers the same thought-provoking quality analysis that has come to define our daily blogs and subscription reports. 

Drill Down Reports

Drill-Down Reports draw from all aspects of the information that RBN has gathered, organized, and analyzed, including our blogs, presentations, and input from contributors. The topics for Drill-Down reports are selected by the RBN team to address the most important issues in today’s energy industry.

The Domino Effect (Book)

This book is about understanding energy markets: prices, flows, infrastructure, value, and economics. It is a critical examination of the responses of those markets since the advent of the shale revolution, a framework for understanding what happens next, and an explanation of how shale will continue to drive the energy industry in the coming decades in the United States and throughout the world.

Market Studies

These are independent studies that provide a deep dive into a commodity, region, or market with insights into new industry trends. Generally, more detailed and less frequent than our Drill Down reports, these are only published when we uncover a story that we feel the market is either unaware of or is underappreciating in terms of its significance.