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Analyst Insights are unique perspectives provided by RBN analysts about energy markets developments. The Insights may cover a wide range of information, such as industry trends, fundamentals, competitive landscape, or other market rumblings. These Insights are designed to be bite-size but punchy analysis so that readers can stay abreast of the most important market changes.

By RBN Team - Tuesday, 12/05/2023 (6:30 pm)

Crude oil prices continued to sink on Tuesday with WTI settling at $72.32/bbl, off $0.72/bbl.  That is a 7% decline in the past four trading sessions and the lowest settle since July 7.   The market simply does not believe the Q1 2024 OPEC+ cuts made last week will be enough to balance supply and

By Albert Marc Passy - Tuesday, 12/05/2023 (12:15 pm)

With the final methane rule from the EPA released recently, we thought it worthwhile to take a quick look at the current state of emissions from the industry to contextualize the gains promised by the EPA.  EPA publishes estimates of CH4 emissions from what they call the "Natural Gas System" in t

By Ashita S Khanna - Tuesday, 12/05/2023 (11:00 am)
Report Highlight: Crude Voyager

Data from RBN’s latest Crude Voyager report shows that nearly 4 MMb/d of crude oil were exported from U.S. Gulf Coast terminals in November, similar to the volumes loaded in October.

By RBN Team - Monday, 12/04/2023 (3:45 pm)

It is winter in propane country, and even though it has been a relatively mild one so far, propane prices have been remarkably weak.  For one thing, the ratio of Mont Belvieu propane to WTI crude oil has been in the dumper all year, averaging a paltry 35% since March.  Last year for the same peri

By Albert Marc Passy - Monday, 12/04/2023 (8:30 am)

A recent DOE report put the numbers to what many folks in the oil and gas industry have been saying - zero carbon generation sources may be the ideal method for CO2 reductions, but the fastest way to reduce CO2 emissions in the short-run is to replace coal-fired generation with natural-gas fired

U.S. Propane Production Hits Another Record High
By Todd Root - Friday, 12/01/2023 (3:30 pm)

As shown on the left-hand chart below, monthly U.S.

By Jeremy Meier - Friday, 12/01/2023 (3:15 pm)

US oil and gas rig count posted a slight gain to open the month of December, increasing by 3 from last week to a total of 625 according to Baker Hughes. Rigs were added in the Permian (+3), Appalachia (+1) and Niobrara (+1), while the All Other Basins group posted a decline (-2).

By Sheetal Nasta - Friday, 12/01/2023 (1:45 pm)
Report Highlight: NATGAS Appalachia

The partial in-service of Williams Transco’s Regional Energy Access (REA) expansion project in late October appears to have contributed to a jump in production receipts from northeastern Pennsylvania.

By John Abeln - Thursday, 11/30/2023 (2:30 pm)

Mexico Pacific announced on Monday (11/27) that they had signed a turnkey contract for the construction of the Sierra Madre pipeline through 500 miles of the Chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts.

By Martin King - Thursday, 11/30/2023 (2:30 pm)

RBN estimates that combined natural gas production of the equity partners in LNG Canada rose 0.03 Bcf/d in October to a record high of 1.92 Bcf/d (combined height of the colored bars in top chart below).

By TJ Braziel - Thursday, 11/30/2023 (1:30 pm)
Report Highlight: Crude Gusher

Crude oil production remained at 13.2 MMb/d but overall supplies took a hit as crude oil imports fell by 700 Mb/d to 5.8 MMb/d.

By Ashita S Khanna - Wednesday, 11/29/2023 (2:45 pm)
Report Highlight: Crude Voyager

Data from the latest RBN Crude Voyager weekly report shows that a record number of VLCCs, 15, entered U.S. waters for loading in the week ended November 24th.

By Todd Root - Wednesday, 11/29/2023 (1:15 pm)
Report Highlight: U.S. Propane Billboard

The EIA reported that total U.S. propane/propylene inventories fell by 534 Mbbl for the week ended November 24, which was modestly below average industry expectations for a draw of 831 Mbbl but above the 223 Mbbl average decline for the week. Total U.S.

By RBN Team - Tuesday, 11/28/2023 (3:00 pm)
Report Highlight: LNG Voyager

U.S. LNG feedgas demand is at an all-time high, topping 13.8 Bcf/d in November. That surpasses the previous all-time high set in April this year, when feedgas demand peaked after Freeport LNG ramped up to full service following the prolonged outage that began in June 2022.

By Sheetal Nasta - Monday, 11/27/2023 (3:30 pm)

FERC on November 17 approved TC Energy’s Virginia Reliability Project (VRP), a brownfield expansion of Columbia Gas Transmission (TCO) that will provide an incremental 100 MMcf/d of firm mainline capacity for delivery in Columbia’s Market Area 34 in south

By Jason Lindquist - Monday, 11/27/2023 (11:45 am)

Wolf Carbon Solutions submitted a motion last week to withdraw its application to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) for the development and operation of a carbon dioxide (CO2) pipeline system known as the Mt. Simon Hub.

By RBN Team - Monday, 11/27/2023 (11:00 am)
Report Highlight: NATGAS Billboard

The most powerful influence on the value of natural gas storage in North America is the difference between the average winter price in the forward curve, versus the average summer price.  Seasonal natural gas supplies are stored in the summer and withdrawn to meet winter demand.

By Martin King - Friday, 11/24/2023 (2:00 pm)

Data reported by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) for Canada’s propane inventories at the end of October place them near the middle of the five-year range.

By Todd Root - Friday, 11/24/2023 (11:00 am)
Report Highlight: U.S. Propane Billboard

The EIA reported that total U.S. propane/propylene inventories fell by 470 Mbbl for the week ended November 17, which was less than average industry expectations for a 920-Mbbl decline and the 778 Mbbl average draw for the week. Total U.S.