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Baker & O'Brien Inc.

Baker & O'Brien

Baker & O’Brien is an international energy consulting firm providing strategic consulting and expert witness services to clients engaged in the refining, chemicals, gas processing, EPC, and related industries.

Strategic Consulting: Baker & O’Brien assists operators, developers, and lenders in evaluating markets, projects, acquisitions, and regulations to ensure decisions are made with the best information available.

Expert Witness: Baker & O’Brien applies industry expertise to assist clients in a wide range of complex commercial disputes involving liability and quantification of economic damages.. Learn More at https://rbnenergy.com/partners/baker-and-obrien

Link Data Services (LDS)

Link Data Services’ reputation for reliability and transparency in the North American crude market is second to none, and our team has partnered with some of the industry’s biggest names to ensure unparalleled insights into the dynamics of the physical crude market.

We provide industry participants with daily forward curve valuations, market commentary, pricing reports, and raw data at each major trading location in North America. Link also offers our clients an array of bespoke data solutions and custom consulting services across a wide spectrum of the commodity trading industry, along with access to our extensive collection of historical prices.

Facts Global Energy (FGE)

FGE: Helping oil and gas market participants anticipate changes in global hydrocarbon balances and understand their impact on North America.

Founded in 1984, FGE is a leading global oil and gas economics consultancy which works closely with most of the world’s major oil and gas companies. A combination of market leading bottom up analysis and relationship based insight has helped FGE successfully forecast the majority of major market turning points in recent years.

FGE‘s global team of experts specialize on both sector and country/regional knowledge; thus reinforcing this network and ensuring that our insights are current, relevant, and consistent across the technical and commercial arenas.


East Daley Analytics

East Daley Analytics is a leading energy assets research firm that exposes the complex risks in the midstream energy market. In addition to using top-level financial data to predict a company’s performance, East Daley delivers asset-level analysis that provides comprehensive, fact based intelligence.

“No One Should Be Surprised By a Knowable Event.”

Supported by a team of unbiased, experienced research analysts, East Daley provides its clients unparalleled insight into how midstream companies operate and generate cash flow. East Daley uses publicly available fundamental data and intersects that data with a company’s reported financials to break midstream companies down to asset level cash flows. The result allows for more informed portfolio decisions. Learn more at https://rbnenergy.com/partners/east-daley-capital-advisors

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