How do I get a receipt for my online purchase? Log into our website, click "My Account" in the top right, and then click "Orders". There you will find the receipt for all RBN purchases.
Why is my credit card not going through on your website? There are a few reasons this may be happening:
  • Please verify that the billing address entered on the order and address entered on your stored credit card match your credit card billing address. This may vary from your current or physical address.
  • The other main reason, is that unfortunately our credit card vendor can not accept some cards from outside of the United States. If this is the case, please contact us directly at info@rbnenergy.com and we’ll send you a credit card authorization form to get you setup from there.
  • If neither of these fix your problem, please contact us at info@rbnenergy.com or 888-613-8421 and we’ll work to resolve any issue you may be having.
Can I get an invoice instead of signing up directly online with a credit card? RBN can send an order form and then invoice for annual subscriptions, but all monthly subscriptions are only available via credit cards.
How do I cancel my subscription? To cancel, call RBN Customer Care at 888-613-8874.  An email reply WILL NOT be sufficient to cancel the subscription.
How do I update my default Credit Card for my active subscription? Login, click "My Account", click “Payment Information”.  From there, you can edit the billing address or expiration date on your existing card; or to add a new card by clicking “Add a Card”


How can I reset my password? You can reset your password here: https://rbnenergy.com/user/password
How can I change my username? Please email info@rbnenergy.com or call 888-613-8874 to request a change to your username.


What’s the difference between a Backstage Pass and a Custom Package? Our Backstage Pass service gives readers access to our blog archives, drill-down reports and a few other items, while a custom package includes the Backstage Pass as well as all the other subscription reports we offer such as Crude Voyager, NATGAS Permian, and others. You can find details about each of these services here: https://rbnenergy.com/services
Can I transfer my subscription to a colleague? RBN can only transfer qualified annual subscriptions, not monthly. To do so, please contact us at info@rbnenergy.com or call 888-613-8874
Do you offer group discounts to your services? Yes, group and package discounts are available for nearly all our services. Please contact TJ Braziel at tjbraziel@rbnenergy.com or 281-819-1983 to learn more.
How can I learn about all the different reports and services RBN Energy offers? Please contact TJ Braziel at tjbraziel@rbnenergy.com to schedule an overview call or product demo.