RBN Student Pass Program

For Academic Institutions Only

RBN Energy is pleased to offer academic institutions a new way to add value to their Energy Programs with our new Student Pass Program!

The RBN Student Pass Program gives students access to the RBN Backstage Pass (BSP) service with the purchase of The Domino Effect, a book by industry veteran and president of RBN Energy, Rusty Braziel.

A Student Pass includes:

The RBN Daily Blog: At 5:00am central time each business day we release the Daily Energy Post, a market commentary from one of our RBN contributors where we get deep into the details about energy market trends, the mechanics of how energy markets function, and the workings of economic and operational energy models. We do our best to make these postings interesting and informative, and to pick musically referenced titles that make us, and hopefully you - smile. Access to our postings is absolutely free. Sign up for our Daily Energy Post email.

Blog Archives: Full access to RBN's entire archive of almost 1,300 blog articles covering everything from crude oil prices, to natural gas supply demand, to ethane rejection. . You can use our sort and filter feature to find a specific article or to get a list of blog articles for a particular theme or date range.

Drill Down Reports: Comprehensive, detailed assessments of major shifts in energy markets.  You can see PDF summaries for each of our Drill-Down reports at RBN Drill-Down Reports. Our next publication topic and date are available at that same link. Drill-Down Reports draw from all aspects of the information that RBN has gathered, organized and analyzed, including our blogs, presentations and input from contributors. The topics for Drill-Down reports are selected by the RBN team to address the most important issues in today’s energy industry. The reports are in PDF format, so you can download and save the reports to your computer or network. Students have access to Drill Down reports that were published within one year of the start of their subscription.

Webcasts: These webcasts are presented by Rusty Braziel and other senior members of the RBN analytics team and cover the most important developments happening in the energy markets.  We will send an invitation email to all of our current subscribers once the webcast is scheduled. 

Competitions: RBN will ocassionally hold contests like our Student Pass Blog Writing Contest. This contest offers students a chance to earn cash prizes and be published as RBN’s Daily Energy Blog that’s read by tens of thousands of energy professionals across the world. RBN works with university faculty to coordinate these contests for their students, with the intent of encouraging students to write well researched interesting articles, and also providing public recognition for their effort and their school to the entire RBN Energy blogosphere.

There are two restrictions to the Student Edition

  1. Students are not invited to “BSP Get Together Networking Events”
  2. Students may not directly contact RBN with questions, but rather must go directly to their professors. The professors may then contact RBN with valid questions.

How It Works

  1. A professor contacts StudentPass@rbnenergy.com to notify RBN of their intent to enroll in the Student Pass Program.
  2. Upon confirmation, the professor may either instructs students to purchase The Domino Effect on Amazon.com, or do it him or herself.
  3. The purchaser will then forward an electronic copy of their book receipt, from their .EDU email address, to StudentPass@rbnenergy.com.
  4. RBN will send the purchaser a link to register themselves on our website www.RBNEnergy.com
  5. RBN will send the purchaser a coupon code to register for a Student Pass version of the Backstage Pass subscription that’s active for one semester.
  6. Faculty will also receive complimentary access as long as they are involved in the Student Pass Program.
  7. RBN Student Pass Alumni - Students who have been enrolled in the Student Pass Program, and are still enrolled at the college or university, and want to continue to have access to the BSP Student Edition, will be given a special promo code they may use to subscribe for only $30 per month (Reg $90). This special Alumni offer is only available for 18 months.  

For additional information about RBN Energy's Student Pass Program please complete the form below.