Spotlight: Targa Resources

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After the unprecedented plunge in demand and commodity prices at the onset of the pandemic, the upstream and midstream sectors appeared to face a lengthy disruption in markets and prolonged financial instability. That’s why it’s hard to believe that just 30 months later the industry is basking in record earnings and cash flows. One notable example is Targa Resources, which has become the largest gatherer and processor of associated natural gas in the Permian Basin. Targa’s bold decision to build an integrated gas and NGL business, its timely infrastructure expansions through and after the pandemic, and a recent, accretive acquisition have resulted in a massive footprint where a stunning 25% of forecast Permian gas production growth is expected to take place.

Our new Spotlight report provides an asset-by-asset analysis of Targa’s industry-leading integrated Permian natural gas and NGL system and provides detailed forecasts of the substantial growth in volumes, operating margins, and Adjusted EBITDA. The report also delves further into the company’s strategic challenges and future cash flow allocation.


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