RBN Energy Careers

RBN is currently hiring an energy market analyst

We are seeking an Energy Market Analyst to join our Houston-based team. The position will involve analyzing energy market data, staying abreast of important market changes, and writing commentary (blogs and reports). The analysis will span the energy commodity landscape – from upstream to downstream, oil, gas, NGL, and renewables – with a focus on North American markets. In addition to analysis, the individual must be able to develop and maintain rapport with key contacts (producers, end-users, midstream companies, traders, and other participants) to understand key market developments.

The ideal candidate is personable and a team player, innately curious, with the ability to discern important market developments, and able to become a subject matter expert. The Energy Market Analyst will apply and develop skills in data analysis and presentation, market commentary and editorials - all in a fast-paced environment.

Interested candidates should submit resumes to careers@rbnenergy.com