The Domino Effect

"This book is about understanding energy markets: prices, flows, infrastructure, value, and economics. It is a critical examination of the responses of those markets since the advent of the shale revolution, a framework for understanding what happens next, and an explanation of how shale will continue to drive the energy industry in the coming decades in the United states and throughout the world."

- Rusty Braziel, Author


The shale revolution triggered The Domino Effect, a cascading series of events that has:

  • Profoundly transformed energy markets;
  • Reshaped major related industries;
  • Remodeled the global economic and geopolitical landscape.

This book unveils a unique, integrated prospective on natural gas, crude oil, and natural gas liquids that is vital to understanding

  • Energy prices
  • Product flows
  • Infrastructure
  • Equity values
  • The global energy economy

Innovative analysis provides energy producers, marketers, end users, financiers, and investors with a framework for understanding the tectonic shift in global supply and demand that will continue to drive energy markets for decades to come. The Domino Effect also delivers high-level insights into exploiting the extraordinary investment, trade, and career opportunities that will continue to be opened by the shale revolution.


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