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Big Changes Coming to RBN Backstage Pass in April 2023!

For nearly a decade, RBN Backstage Pass™ members have been able to tap into the RBN network and gain access to unique information, insights, and connections across energy markets. The premium service provides full access to our Daily Energy Blog digital library, Drill-Down Reports, Fundamentals Webcasts, our periodic Backstage Pass Get-Togethers, and more.

We strive to make each daily blogpost an insightful and engaging analysis of the most important topics in the energy industry, and we are excited to expand access for all our Backstage Pass members. Topping that list is early access to each new post in our Daily Energy Blog. Starting March 8, RBN’s free daily email will include links to two blogs: the free blog as usual, plus an “early-access” blog exclusively for all our Backstage Pass members — as a premium subscriber, you will now be able to read each blogpost a day earlier than everyone else! See more details about this and a list of all the new benefits below.

These enhancements will come with a modest price increase. But don’t panic! If you are an existing Backstage Pass member by April 10, 2023, you will be grandfathered in at your current subscription rate Additionally, if you are not yet a subscriber, you are in luck — you can get in on the lower rate of $90 per month by signing up before April 10th.

So, no price increase for existing subscribers or anyone who takes advantage of our ‘grandfathered’ pricing before April 10th. For all new subscribers after that day, the price will increase to $110 per month or $1,320 annually. To make sure you have access to our grandfathered pricing plus all our new features, sign up now!

Thanks again for your support, and we look forward to providing you with even more great energy market information in 2023.

New Backstage Pass Benefits

Early Access to Daily Blogs

As a Backstage Pass member, you’ll receive exclusive early access to our blogs. RBN is famous for our free daily blog — and for good reason. We strive to make it an insightful and engaging analysis of the most important topics in the energy industry. But wouldn’t it be great if you could receive and read the blog a day before everybody else? Well, now you can. Backstage Pass members will now have access to two blogs each business day: the current day’s free blog you’ve always gotten, plus the next day’s blog.

Blog Series Navigation

When there’s an important topic that can’t possibly fit into one blog, we make it a blog series. With our new series navigation feature — located at the top of any blog that is part of a series — you can easily jump to a specific topic within a blog series or start from the beginning and work up to the latest one. While everyone can see the series list, only our premium Backstage Pass subscribers will have full access to older blogs in these series groupings. 

Map Search Tool (New Updates Coming Soon!)

Backstage Pass subscribers can now search our RBN blogs specifically for oil, natural gas, NGL, refined products, and renewables pipeline maps. You may filter results by state, basin, or keyword. A list of maps matching your criteria will appear with access to a high-resolution image and link to the related blog.

RBN Essentials Playlist — Energy Fundamentals Blogs (Coming Soon!)

Are you new to the energy sector, looking to learn about a new side of the business, or just solidify your understanding of a specific aspect of the industry? The RBN Essentials Playlist is our recommended blog guide for delving into the key concepts underlying commodity market and industry trends. You can dive into a specific topic or start from the beginning of a series based on what’s most important to you. Anyone can peruse the topics, but only our Backstage Pass members will have full access to the content within these .

RBN Top Hits Playlist – Our Most-Read Blogs of the Year (Coming Soon!)

Curious what topics the industry is gravitating to Among the major events that shape energy markets each year, this playlist will include RBN’s annual Top 10 Prognostications blogs, along with our Scorecard, a year-end retrospective blog highlighting the most-read blogs of the year and grading ourselves on our predictions.

Partner Discounts

We’re now offering new partner discounts for Natural Gas Intelligence, exclusively for our Backstage Pass members, with more coming soon.


Backstage Pass Core Benefits

  • Blog Archive

    Blog Archive

    All RBN Backstage Pass™ subscribers have full access to RBN's entire archive of thousands of blog articles covering the most relevant aspects of crude oil, NGLs, LNG, natural gas, and refined products markets, along with key developments in renewables and energy transition. Topics include everything from infrastructure build-out, supply and demand fundamentals, regulatory changes, financials and much more. A sort and filter feature is also available to find a specific article or to get a list of blog articles for a particular theme or date range.

  • Drill Down Reports

    Drill Down Reports

    Drill-Down Reports offer comprehensive, detailed assessments of major shifts in energy markets drawing from all aspects of the information that RBN has gathered, organized and analyzed, including our blogs, presentations and input from contributors.The topics for Drill-Down reports are selected by the RBN team to address the most important issues in today’s energy industry.

  • Blog Map Search

    Blog Map Search

    Backstage Pass subscribers can now search previous RBN blogs specifically for oil, natural gas, NGL, and renewables pipeline maps. You may filter results by state, basin, or keyword. A list of maps matching your criteria will appear with access to a high-resolution image and link to the related blog.

  • Webcasts


    There will be Webcasts exclusively for our RBN Backstage Pass™ subscribers throughout the year. These webcasts are presented by Rusty Braziel and other senior members of the RBN analytics team and cover the most important developments happening in the energy markets.We will send an invitation email to all of our current subscribers once the next webcast is scheduled.

  • Spotcheck


    By tracking and modeling the relationships between crude oil, natural gas and NGLs we can anticipate major upcoming developments in these interdependent markets. SpotCheck is simply a graphical representation of many of the models, ratios and differentials that we track in the regular course of our business at RBN. A RBN Backstage Pass™ subscription gives you the ability to access and manipulate SpotCheck graphics over a multi-year time span.

  • Get-Togethers


    RBN hosts several Get-Togethers for RBN Backstage Pass™ subscribers throughout the year. These are strictly social gatherings, but with all of our RBN folks attending, there is certainly a lot of market talk going on. We’ve hosted Crawfish Boils, BBQs, and even a trip to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

  • Natural Gas Intelligence

    Free Trial to NGI’s All News Access

    Subscribe to RBN’s Backstage Pass today to gain to access even more industry insights via a free trial to our trusted partners NGI’s All News Access service for one month. NGI's All News Access is a real-time news service focused on the North American natural gas & LNG markets, including coverage of international events that influence domestic fundamentals and prices. Stay in the know with coverage of natural gas news as it breaks on the website, and with a roundup of all the news delivered by email each morning.