Hydrogen Billboard

Hydrogen market activity has accelerated over recent months, with momentum building in Europe, Asia, and even here in the states.  Corporate and government commitments to decarbonization are driving renewed interest in hydrogen, given its attractive features as both a fuel and energy storage pathway.  Production capacity of green hydrogen is expected to make a sharp rise in the years ahead and likely to disrupt existing hydrogen markets, while forging new inroads into conventional fuel consumption markets. What will it mean for not only the clean energy sector, but what are the expected crossover impacts to conventional hydrocarbons? And how does one even begin to assimilate the torrent of new flow that has accompanied the hydrogen buzz? RBN’s latest report, the Hydrogen Billboard seek to do just that.​

RBN’s Hydrogen Billboard tracks the latest developments in the domestic and global hydrogen markets, filtering through the noise with an unbiased lens to deliver impactful hydrogen infrastructure and market analysis. Contained in a weekly newsletter, the Hydrogen Billboard tracks hydrogen project announcements in the production, midstream, and end-use sectors. With a focus on domestic market developments, the report also seeks to bridge the gap between the emerging hydrogen and existing conventional hydrocarbon markets.​​

Studio Sessions: It's A Gas

It’s a Gas! Hydrogen – June 29, 2021

It’s cool to be green, and hydrogen has taken center-stage among capital investors, Wall Street, and traditional energy players alike. What is the hype and what is the reality? In this Studio Session, we will cut through the buzz and get down to the straight-talk on hydrogen technologies, economics, and infrastructure developments, putting it all in language and metrics familiar to anyone conversant in energy markets. Sign up for updates

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