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Thursday, 05/05/2022

May 5, 2022 – New York Times

Europe’s Quest to Replace Russian Gas Faces Plenty of Hurdles

By: Clifford Krauss

Export operations are being expanded in the United States, with three new terminals expected to be completed by 2026. Another 10 await permits, long-term buyers and investors. EQT, a leading gas producer, has called for the country to quadruple L.N.G. capacity by 2030, a proposal that has received broad industry support.

“We have the resources in the ground,” said David Braziel, chief executive of RBN Energy, an...

Friday, 04/29/2022

April 29, 2022 – Natural Gas Intelligence

Natural Gas Futures Forge Ahead as Production Woes Fester

By: Kevin Dobbs

Routine spring maintenance work at various sites nationally, coupled with protracted interruptions in the northern Plains caused by a severe storm, kept output in check through the week. Production held more than 2 Bcf below 2022 highs, fueling bullish futures sentiment on Friday and through most of the past week.

“Extreme blizzard conditions wreaked havoc on North Dakota energy infrastructure last weekend, taking offline as...

Tuesday, 04/26/2022

April 26, 2022 – New York Times

Why U.S. Oil Companies Aren’t Riding to Europe’s Rescue

By: Clifford Krauss

David Braziel, chief executive of RBN Energy, said the United States had the capacity to export more than six million barrels of oil a day, roughly twice what it is exporting now. While ramping up production will take time, he said, the industry could produce 16 million barrels a day by 2027, four million barrels more than now, assuming prices remain high and investments increase.

“We have plenty of capacity to get...

Wednesday, 04/20/2022

April 20, 2022 –

It's Getting Increasingly Expensive To Boost U.S. Oil Production

By: Tsvetana Paraskova

At public shale firms, capital budgets for 2022 are now up by an average of 23 percent over 2021, RBN Energy says.

"That increase seems substantial, but about two-thirds (15%) results from oilfield service inflation," the commodity analysts said. 

"There is less than meets the eye in producers' planned 23% capex increase and 8% boost in production," RBN Energy noted earlier this month.


Tuesday, 04/19/2022

April 19, 2022 – S&P Global

NYMEX gas futures close near $8/MMBtu on storage, weather worries

By: Bill Holland

"Futures prices correlate well with the storage surplus/deficit vs. last year and the 5-year average," RBN Energy LLC analyst and Managing Editor Sheetal Nasta said April 15 by email as prices continued to climb. "Right now, of course, we have an expanding deficit and it's looking like the deficit could linger for a while, given the rates of power burn and LNG feedgas deliveries we're seeing." …