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Tuesday, 02/21/2017

February 17, 2017 – Bloomberg

Weird Things Are Happening in the Salt Caverns of Mont Belvieu

By: Laura Blewitt

Prices for fuel stored in the salt caverns of Mont Belvieu, Texas, have gone a little berserk.

Three companies, Enterprise Products Partners LP, Targa Resources Corp. and Lone Star NGL LLC, use the caverns to keep natural gas liquids that are traded on the spot market and exported around the world. Butane price fluctuations between the three are usually within a penny or two.

But in December, Enterprise’s butane price...

Monday, 02/13/2017

February 12, 2017 – NBC News

Trump Promised to ‘Open the Mines’ — Here’s Why That Is Unlikely

By: Jane C. Timm

In rallies across cross coal country, Donald Trump made a big, crowd-pleasing promise: He'd bring back the mining jobs.

"We're gonna open the mines," he said to big cheers in Charleston, West Virginia, as if the shuttered coal mines across eastern America's coal country could hit a switch and reinstate the jobs once he won the White House.

But experts say despite Trump's election, those jobs aren't coming back.


Monday, 02/13/2017

February 8, 2017 – SNL Energy

The Spectra decade: Company transformed pipeline world in 10-year run

By: Sean Sullivan

Spectra Energy Corp became an independent company in 2007 and will end its run not far into 2017 when it becomes part of Enbridge Inc. At the close of that period, just a little more than the time given to a two-term president, Spectra Energy has made an extensive case that companies leave legacies.

In the decade of operations since Spectra Energy spun off from Duke Energy Corp., the company has put in place about $19...

Monday, 01/23/2017

January 20, 2017 – American Oil & Gas Reporter

Outlook Q&A: 2017 Trending Toward Upturn

Read the full story here:

Q: EIA estimated 20 years ago that the nation had 167 trillion cubic feet of proved natural gas reserves and 1.156 quadrillion cubic feet in technically recoverable resources. Two decades’ worth of consumption later, EIA puts...

Thursday, 12/08/2016

December 6, 2016 – CNBC

The guy who correctly predicted the fall of oil prices tells Cramer where crude will trade in 2021

By Abigail Stevenson

Jim Cramer has interviewed countless members of the energy industry, but he says there is only one guy who correctly called the bottom for crude and predicted the trajectory for oil prices, RBN Energy President Rusty Braziel.

Unfortunately, Braziel thinks an administration under President-elect Donald Trump means the oil and gas industry is going to get things done — which could be bad...