RBN Report Suites

The RBN Analytic Suites bundle our commodity reports and services so you can zero in on what’s important to you and your business, whether it’s commodity-focused analysis or a cross-commodity view of a specific region or topic. For more information on analytic suites and group pricing, please contact info@rbnenergy.com.

  • Crude Oil Suite

    Crude Oil

    The RBN Crude Oil Analytic Suite gives you access to four weekly reports covering crude oil markets, including: Crude Billboard, Crude Permian, and Crude Voyager.

  • Natural Gas Suite

    Natural Gas

    The RBN Natural Gas Analytic Suite provides access to RBN’s five most important natural gas-focused subscription products, including: NATGAS Appalachia, NATGAS Permian, U.S. NATGAS Billboard, Canadian NATGAS Billboard, and LNG Voyager.

  • NGL Suite


    The RBN NGL Analytic Suite delivers timely updates and outlooks on the domestic propane market, as well as U.S. LPG and ethane exports. The suite includes the bi-monthly NGL Voyager report and the weekly and monthly U.S. Propane Billboard.

  • Exports Suite


    The RBN Exports Analytic Suite provides insider access to all of RBN’s exports analysis. This suite offers 3 weekly subscription reports, including Crude Voyager, LNG Voyager, and NGL Voyager.

  • Billboard Suite


    The RBN Billboard Analytic Suite organizes our energy fundamentals research into six commodity-focused reports: Crude Gusher, U.S. NATGAS Billboard, Canadian NATGAS Billboard, Propane Billboard, Refinery Billboard and Hydrogen Billboard.

  • Regional Suite


    The RBN Regional Analytic Suite offers a deep dive into the largest producing regions in the U.S. for crude oil and natural gas. The three weekly reports in this suite include: Crude Permian, NATGAS Permian, and NATGAS Appalachia.

Contact us for more info on these suites or custom packages.