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Natural gas markets are in turmoil. Prices are being buffeted by surplus production, weather and other demand factors, inventories, imports and exports. Do you need to understand how all these factors fit together in each day’s natural gas market?  Your answer is NATGAS Billboard, a daily, early morning email and report that provides an up-to-the-minute update on our view of the natural gas market outlook, including storage injections/withdrawals and price.

RBN has teamed up with Kyle Cooper of IAF Advisors to integrate the latest iterations of all the raw fundamental data each morning, including the weather forecast, pipeline flow data, storage and price data, and give our view on the net impact of it all on storage and price. Our aim is to deliver the report each morning by about 8 am CT.

The flagship feature of the report is a monthly price forecast going seven months forward. We will publish a new forecast at least once a week or so based on what we believe all our fundamental data reflects. The purpose of the price forecast is not to say that’s where price will end up. That changes continuously. Rather, the price forecast bakes in all the fundamental factors and is meant to reflect/interpret what the total package tells us about market direction at a point in time. The report also includes a daily write-up and data summary that highlights our thought process and the rationale behind our price forecast.

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