NATGAS Production Tracker - Texas

The NATGAS Production Tracker - Texas provides a DAILY update of natural gas production in Texas and the New Mexico side of the Permian Basin. No more sifting through pages of unwanted details, get just the facts of Texas natural gas production. Quickly and easily view today’s supplies in the Lone Star state and download the full historical table when you need it.

 NATGAS Production Tracker - Texas Preview

The daily morning updates keep subscribers on top of any changes in natural gas supplies before the trade day begins. Request sample.

Key Features:

  • Just the Facts
  • Daily Updates of Texas Natural Gas Production
  • Updated Before the Trade Day Begins
  • Regional Breakouts Within State
  • Permian Basin Specific Details
  • Historical Data on Demand
PDF FileDaily Web Portal Update - Current and historical production data
Excel FileHistorical Data Download On-Demand

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