• Let’s Get Physical – Shifting Crude Quality Specs and Flows: Impact on Prices and Differentials

    Marty King, Rusty Braziel and Scott Nelson

    The "Let’s Get Physical" webcast was all about U.S. physical crude oil trading markets. The webcast was scheduled for Tuesday, August 29, at 2:30 p.m. Central Time; and our panelists were Scott Nelson, Commercial Director at Link Data Services, Rusty Braziel, RBN’s Executive Chairman with Marty King, Senior Analyst and Consultant at RBN moderating. We discussed what’s going on with shifting crude quality specs, flows and price differentials, and checked out how to make sense out of the U.S. crude oil market using Crude Oil TradeView, the crude oil price analytics & differentials report from RBN and Link Data Services.

    For more information on the Crude Oil TradeView Report, click here.

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  • Bill & Todd’s Excellent Propane Adventure

    Bill Marks, Todd Root, and Rusty Braziel

    It may be middle of the summer, but that’s just when planning for the winter propane season needs to kick into high gear. And even with what appears to be ample inventories this year, it’s no time to get complacent. Exports are running strong, production growth has been lackadaisical at best, and stocks are unevenly distributed.

    For more information on the Propane Billboard, click here.

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  • Future of Fuels

    John Auers & Robert Auers

    You may now watch a replay of the webcast held in July 2023 in which RFA executives and Future of Fuels leaders, John and Robert Auers discussed the key findings from the July 2023 report. They discussed some of the challenges and opportunities the market will face in the coming years. We also briefly covered what is included with the Future of Fuels package and ended with a live Q&A session with our audience.

    For more information on the Future of Fuels, click here.

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  • I Walk The Line: The New Appalachian Gas Producer Playbook In A Pipeline Constrained World

    David Braziel

    In this webcast, David Braziel walks through the latest trends in Appalachia production, weighs supply against demand, gives our latest expectations for regional infrastructure (including Mountain Valley Pipeline) and ultimately arrives at a basis and outright price forecast for Eastern Gas South.

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  • Spotlight Live Sessions

    Spotlight Live Sessions are a new type of live event RBN is now offering, in partnership with East Daley Capital and is free to Backstage Pass Members. In this 30-minute live webinar, senior members of the RBN and East Daley Capital teams present key take-aways from the latest Spotlight report and answer live questions from the audience.

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  • Studio Sessions

    RBN Studio Sessions bring together our senior analysts and industry leaders for a virtual, interactive deep dive into the key questions and issues facing the energy sector. We combine market update presentations, panel discussions, and plenty of time for Q&A, so you can be a part of the conversation and hear directly from industry executives with first-hand knowledge of the topic at hand.