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RBN provides a broad range of consulting services across the natural gas, crude oil, condensate, refinery, NGL, and renewables markets. We specialize in helping clients understand, formulate, and implement strategies around the rapid changes in all these energy industry segments. Our services range from strategic advice in fundamental shifts, such as evolution in a business from one hydrocarbon market to another, to due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, to expert help in legal and regulatory arenas, to assistance in the development of new markets unfamiliar to the client.

RBN’s unique market position is a result of basic grounding in deep analytics and extensive fundamentals data, with an overlay of the world-class (nationally and internationally recognized) expertise embodied in our senior professionals, enabling us to be a trusted advisor to senior management. RBN is also a leader in providing education in all the areas where it has substantive expertise, whether through our highly regarded School of Energy, through our publications, or in the consulting context, through client-specific reports and seminars.

Our Approach

Based on RBN’s extensive familiarity with the U.S. markets in oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, condensate, refineries, and renewables we compile and analyze market fundamentals data extracted from RBN’s comprehensive historical databases and information stores. This data-driven starting point is depicted in the graphic below. We then analyze the data using quantitative methods and models, which provide the basis for our expert strategic interpretation of the data. This commercial interpretation is accomplished by RBN’s senior executive team based on decades of practical, hands-on, direct involvement in U.S. energy markets. Finally, we integrate our analysis into a clear and simple consulting service that includes management level presentations with access as necessary to all supporting data and evaluations. It has been RBN’s experience with multiple clients that RBN’s combination of deep, fundamentals-based analytics with outstanding communication and presentation approaches has provided genuinely valuable strategic input for major management decisions.

Examples of Recent RBN Energy Consulting Projects

RBN Energy has prepared and delivered a broad range of consulting engagements working primarily with more than eighty companies engaged in trading, marketing or purchasing of energy commodities and the purchase/sale of energy related assets.

  • RBN Energy conducted an assessment of North America natural gas liquids supply and demand for a major petrochemical producer. This study included the outlook for natural gas production, NGL production, processing capacity, fractionation capacity and demand for each of the five primary NGL markets.
  • RBN Energy advised a major midstream company regarding an investment in gas pipeline, crude oil pipeline and gas processing facilities. The project included a detailed analysis of several regional pipelines, including connected supply, connected markets, rate structures, firm transportation contracts, and flow patterns. In addition, RBN Energy assessed the competitiveness of each of the midstream assets involved and assisted in the valuation process for a prospective transaction.
  • As part of a crude oil acquisition strategy development project for a Rockies region refiner, RBN Energy evaluated alternative crude supply sources including crude production volumes, crude qualities, pipeline/rail/truck transportation alternatives, evolving pipeline flow and capacity trends, and the outlook for changes in regional pricing differentials.
  • An oil and gas major retained RBN to complete an analysis of Texas and Louisiana natural gas markets in order to assess gas supply options for a LNG facility with specific attention given to options from the Permian basin, Katy/Houston Ship Channel area, and Gillis. In this we created a supply and demand model with flows and price differentials for Texas and Louisiana. We examined the impact of LNG exports on the South Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast natural gas markets. We forecasted regional natural gas supply and demand balances along with a pipeline flow and capacity analysis. Next, we evaluated the natural gas basis impact at regional hubs including Waha, South Louisiana Gillis region, and Katy. Finally, we had an outlook for gas supply options to the LNG facility.
  • RBN Energy conducted a market assessment of the need for NGL export capabilities based on production growth, demand trends and pipeline transportation constraints.
  • RBN Energy was engaged by a large natural gas utility to assess the potential for extending the company’s business into natural gas liquids markets.

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