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Which Way Does That Old Pony Run? - Clean Energy Booms in Texas, But Oil and Gas Still Critical Jason Lindquist Renewables October 23, 2023 1.00
Let's Work Together - Midstream Companies Combining to Gain Scale, Fill in Asset Gaps Housley Carr Financial October 22, 2023 1.00
Squeeze Box - Shifting Natural Gas and Power Market Fundamentals Driving Storage Values Sheetal Nasta Natural Gas October 19, 2023 1.00
Over The Hills and Far Away - Canada's 'Carbon-Price' and Its Impacts on Production and Refining Alex Hardman Refined Fuels October 18, 2023 1.00
The Contenders - Department of Energy Follows its Blueprint in Selection of Clean Hydrogen Hubs Jason Lindquist Renewables October 17, 2023 1.00
Still Not Dead - Petra Nova Restart Provides an Intriguing Test Case for Carbon-Capture Technology Jason Lindquist Renewables October 16, 2023 1.00
One Step Ahead - Clean Ammonia Production Planned at Leading Deepwater Ammonia Terminal Housley Carr Renewables October 15, 2023 1.00
Take Me to the Top - ExxonMobil Soars to #1 in the Permian in Largest Ever U.S. Upstream Deal Tom Biracree Financial October 12, 2023 1.00
Total Eclipse of the Heart - 'Ring of Fire' Eclipse to Stress Power Grids from California to Texas Jason Lindquist Renewables October 11, 2023 1.00
Just One More - How New England Would Benefit From a Gas Pipeline Expansion Housley Carr Natural Gas October 10, 2023 1.00
Takin' Care of Business - Strong Crude Oil Prices Driving Robust Canadian M&A Activity Martin King Financial October 9, 2023 1.00
We Can Work It Out - Appalachia Gas Basis Outlook in a Pipeline-Constrained World Sheetal Nasta Natural Gas October 8, 2023 1.00
Feed Me - U.S. LNG Feedgas Demand Has Additional Upside Beyond New Capacity Lindsay Schneider Natural Gas October 5, 2023 1.00
Bigger - A New Report on Upstream Consolidation in the Permian and Other Key Plays Housley Carr Financial October 4, 2023 1.00
The Heat Is On - Is the U.S. Northeast in for a Supply-Challenged, High-Price Heating Season? Housley Carr Refined Fuels October 3, 2023 1.00
Connection - Surging Hydrocarbon Production Increasingly Links U.S. to Global Markets Jason Lindquist Crude Oil October 2, 2023 1.00
Don't Get Me Wrong - Are Government Forecasts Underestimating Gas Burn for Power? Sheetal Nasta Natural Gas October 1, 2023 1.00
Replace Me - Gas-Focused Producers' Strong, Profitable Reserve Growth Tested by Recent Price Plunge Tom Biracree Natural Gas September 28, 2023 1.00
The Contenders - Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub Banks on Off-Grid Renewables, Salt-Dome Storage Jason Lindquist Renewables September 27, 2023 1.00
It's a Gas Gas Gas - High-Nitrogen Permian Natural Gas Mucks Up Texas Gulf Coast LNG Feedgas Rusty Braziel Natural Gas September 26, 2023 1.00