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Southbound - What's Ahead for the Recently Reversed Capline Crude Oil Pipeline? Housley Carr Crude Oil December 5, 2022 1.00
What’s It All About, Alky? - How Refiners Would Be Impacted by EPA’s Proposed Rule on HF Alkylation Housley Carr Refined Fuels December 2, 2022 1.00
Connection - Vehicle-to-Grid Technology Could Make EVs an Asset to the Power Grid Jason Lindquist Renewables December 1, 2022 1.00
Land of Confusion - Counterintuitive Premises at Heart of Debate Over RINs Policy Jason Lindquist Refined Fuels November 30, 2022 1.00
Sunny in Seattle - Prolific Renewables Are Key to Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub Plans Housley Carr Renewables November 29, 2022 1.00
Where It's At - More Gulf Coast LNG Export Capacity Is on Its Way. Where Will the Feedgas Come From? Sheetal Nasta Natural Gas November 28, 2022 1.00
Big Gun, Part 5 - British Columbia's Montney Gas Well Performance Continues to Soar Martin King Natural Gas November 27, 2022 1.00
Why, Encore Edition - What's Throwing the Distillates Market Out of Whack? Housley Carr Refined Fuels November 24, 2022 1.00
Sitting on Top of the World, Encore Edition - Targa Built a Leading Midstream Platform in the Permian. What’s Next? Tom Biracree Financial November 23, 2022 1.00
Green Light - Oil Giants, Utilities and Private Equity Scoop Up Renewable Natural Gas Assets Housley Carr Renewables November 22, 2022 1.00
Buy Me a Boat - Will the Gulf Coast Soon Be Home to Floating LNG Export Capacity? Lindsay Schneider Natural Gas November 21, 2022 1.00
Monaca - How Shell's New Steam Cracker Is (and Isn’t) Impacting Northeast NGL Markets Housley Carr Natural Gas Liquids November 20, 2022 1.00
Breaking the Chains - Steady March Higher for Octane Prices Driven by Demand, Tighter Supplies George Hoekstra Refined Fuels November 17, 2022 1.00
We Got the Power - With New Reliability Rules, Is Texas Ready for an Extreme Uri-Like Winter? Sheetal Nasta Natural Gas November 16, 2022 1.00
Searchin' - EOG Again Seeks to Build Its Oil and Gas Inventory Organically, This Time in the Utica Tom Biracree Crude Oil November 15, 2022 1.00
Come Back Song - Does a Slew of M&A and Drilling Activity Signal a Rebound in the Eagle Ford? Housley Carr Crude Oil November 14, 2022 1.00
The Mississippi, She’s A-goin' Dry - Low Water Levels Pinch Midwest Condensate Takeaway Housley Carr Crude Oil November 13, 2022 1.00
Straighten Up and Fly Right - Mega Rule Puts All Gas-Gathering Pipelines Under Federal Scrutiny Jason Lindquist Natural Gas November 10, 2022 1.00
The Big Bang Theory, Part 2 - A Decade After 'RINsanity,' Markets Not Immune to Future Price Shocks George Hoekstra Refined Fuels November 9, 2022 1.00
Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Will Emissions Limits Force Canadian E&Ps to Reduce Production? Martin King Crude Oil November 8, 2022 1.00