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Friday, 12/06/2013

(December 3, 2013 – EnergyWire) How much is the shale oil windfall really worth? SEC and analysts ask (By: Peter Behr)

The hydrocarbon production pouring in from the Eagle Ford Shale formation in South Texas is being hailed as a great new American crude oil bonanza. And it is, analysts agree -- except that a third or more of the production isn't crude oil at all.

It is a lighter cousin of crude called lease or field condensate, and its surprising...

Thursday, 11/21/2013

(Breaking Energy – November 20, 2013) The US’s Absurd Oil & Gas Export Laws (By: Conway Irwin)

United States law prohibits exports of crude oil and condensate except under certain conditions, while exports of refined products and natural gas are far less restricted. While these laws had little impact when the country was in a position of oil and gas scarcity, the country’s newfound energy abundance has rendered some of them obsolete, according to Rusty Braziel President of RBN Energy, at the Center for Strategic and International...

Wednesday, 11/20/2013

(Platts Gas Daily - November 20, 2013) Marcellus seen upending Canada, Midwest flows

Surging production from the Marcellus Shale could eventually serve most of Ontario’s and Quebec’s gas needs and displace gas currently flowing to eastern Canada from Chicago and points west, the CEO of the Canadian Energy Research Institute said Tuesday.

That dynamic could mean trouble for several pipelines that move gas into what would become an oversupplied Midwest market, including Northern Border...

Monday, 11/18/2013

(NGI – November 14, 2013) Brazil's Odebrecht Picks West Virginia for Cracker, Polyethylene Plants

West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin announced Thursday that a Brazilian company, Odebrecht Organization, will explore the possibility of building a multibillion-dollar ethane cracker and three polyethylene plants in Wood County.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Pennsylvania, conflicting reports have emerged over the status of a cracker proposed by a unit of Royal Dutch Shell plc....

Monday, 11/11/2013

(InsideClimate News – November 6, 2013) Need for Keystone XL Erodes as U.S. Oil Floods Gulf Coast Refining Hub (By Elizabeth Douglass)

Many benefits being touted by Keystone supporters are being delivered by the domestic oil rush. 'It's become a political football more than anything.'