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Tuesday, 04/22/2014

(April 6, 2014 – Bakken Today) Refineries gaining steam: Capacity a ‘drop in the ocean’ compared to ND output (By: Amy Dalrymple)

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WILLISTON — While the United States hasn’t seen a new refinery in more than 30 years, North Dakota has five refineries proposed that range from planning stages to active construction....

...Refining more crude oil in North Dakota means less oil...

Friday, 04/04/2014

(April 3, 2014 – Platts) Deja Vu: Can ETP’s proposed Dakota Access crude oil line win where others failed? (By: Bridget Hunsucker)

Last month, ETP issued a binding open season to assess interest in crude pipeline transportation from multiple receipt points in North Dakota to several Midwest and Gulf Coast refineries and terminals, including Sunoco Logistics Partners’ crude oil terminal in Nederland. ETP owns Sunoco Logistics.

Two pipelines are expected to make up the ETP Bakken-to-Gulf Coast system. The first leg in the system is the Dakota Access line (...

Monday, 03/17/2014

(February 13, 2014 – Real Money) Jim Cramer: Trading a Glut in Oil (By: Jim Cramer)

NEW YORK (Real Money) -- Not enough pipe. Not enough refinery space. Too much oil. That's the story of the Permian oil field, where production has increased as astounding 400,000 barrels a day in the last two years.

That's caused a discount to the already-discounted West Texas Intermediate price. How big is it? Right now, West Texas is selling for a discount of $10 to Brent -- $98 vs. $108 -- and then Permian is selling at an additional $8 decline to the $98 price as...

Tuesday, 02/25/2014

(February 15, 2014 – Bloomberg BusinessWeek) Major interest shown in planned Sandpiper crude oil pipeline (By: David Shaffer)

Oil producers and marketers have signed long-term commitments to ship Bakken crude oil on a proposed 600-mile pipeline across North Dakota and Minnesota, boosting the project's chances of getting built.

Shippers committed to sending 155,000 barrels of oil per day down the line, a significant share of its capacity, according to a regulatory filing by Enbridge Energy, which wants to build the $2.7 billion project by early 2016….

Monday, 02/24/2014

(February 20, 2014 – KOSU) StateImpact: How Corn, Cold Weather, and a Nuclear Disaster Caused Propane Prices to Explode (By: Nikole Robinson Carroll)

The 400,000 or so Oklahomans who rely on propane for heat know the routine: When the weather is warm, propane is cheap. When it gets cold, and demand goes up, so does the price.

But what happened this winter is unprecedented. Prices are starting to ease ...