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Monday, 10/21/2013

(The Advocate – October 20, 2013) BASF, Yara eyeing Gulf Coast for ammonia plant (By: Ted Griggs)

Chemical giants BASF and Yara are talking about building “a world-scale ammonia plant” on the Gulf Coast, although few other details are available.

BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, uses ammonia in its United States manufacturing facilities. Oslo-based Yara, which has a global fertilizer network, is looking to strengthen its U.S. presence.

BASF spokesman John Schmidt said the joint project, if it happens, would be the first between BASF and...

Friday, 10/18/2013

(SNL – October 18, 2013) EPA carbon rule to remove last impediment to 'building a lot of new gas plants'

Rule seen as confirming gas' future role

The EPA's rule also is noteworthy for the gas industry in that it sets a new source performance standard for natural gas-fired plants that is clearly "more than achievable" through the use of combined-cycle technology, said Rick Smead, managing director of advisory...

Tuesday, 10/08/2013

(Bloomberg – October 9, 2013) Ethane’s Tumble Seen Boosting Profits at Dow to Westlake: Energy (By: Jack Kaskey)

If you want to make a chemical company boss smile these days, here’s the word to use: ethane.

Ethane isn’t a term ordinary people come across every day but after processing the natural gas liquid into ethylene it does end up in a lot of ordinary things: plastic bags and bottles and even bumpers on cars. It’s used to make chemicals found in everything from antifreeze to diapers.

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Monday, 10/07/2013

(Reuters – October 3, 2013) Canada's first oil-sands unit train to run in November (By: Nia Williams)

CALGARY, Alberta, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Western Canada's first crude-by-rail unit train terminal is set to start transporting 50,000 barrels per day of oil sands crude to the U.S. market next month, the CEO of operating company Canexus said.

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Friday, 09/20/2013

(The Wall Street Journal – September 2013) Propane Distributors Seek to Boost Demand with Lawn Mowers (By: Tom Fowler)

Scrambling to find new ways to boost demand for propane in the U.S., distributors are touting the benefits of propane-fueled lawn mowers.

The propane industry has set its sights on that symbol of American middle-class achievement: the lawn mower.

Blame it in part on the natural-gas drilling boom, which has left distributors scrambling to find new ways to increase demand for...