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The Hydrocarbon Top 40 – And a Big Index of 2012 RBN Blogs

During 2012 we’ve posted over 200 RBN blogs, covering everything from ethylene cracker margins (Ethylene Ethylene, Prettiest margin I ever seen), to northeast natural gas basis (The Mighty Algonquin) to the impact of a major crude pipeline reversal (Oh-Ho-Ho it’s Magic).  Now in our last posting of the year it seems appropriate to take a page out of Casey Kasem’s playbook to look back at the top blogs of 2012 based on website hits.  And there’s more!  In response to many members who have asked, we’ll also provide an index of all of our blogs by topic.  And finally we will introduce a new website feature that will give you the ability to see what is trending on the RBN site in real time.  BTW, we are not really going to look at 40 blogs.  After all it is New Year’s Eve.  But we will look a few of the really big winners for 2012.

Hit Parade

Website hits for the most popular RBN blogs range from about 3,000 all the way up to more than 16,000.  Sometimes the high traffic blogs are those done months ago that continue to get new hits.  Other times the big hit numbers come within a few days of when a blog gets posted.

We did just over 200 blogs in 2012, and we organized them into four basic categories: Crude Oil, Natural Gas, NGLs, and Interdependencies/Other.  The “Other” category includes topics like petroleum products, international, energy/power and government/regulatory.  Natural gas and NGLs were both about 25% of the blogs.  Crude oil was closer to 30% while Interdependencies/Other was about 20%. 

Here are the top 10 blogs of 2012 (in reverse order):

#10 - 7/15/2012 – NGLs:  Too Much Marcellus/Utica NGL Pipeline Capacity? Or not enough

Addressed increasing production of NGLs in the Marcellus/Utica region and the pipeline capacity planned to move that production to markets out of the region.

#9 - 9/18/2012 – NGLs: A Tank Car Train for Hire – NGLs on the Rails

Examined the use of pressure rail cars to transport NGLs, considering rail networks and transportation strategies.

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