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Different 'Round Here - Energy Transfer Takes Unconventional Approach With Blue Marlin Project

Energy Transfer, which is championing its Blue Marlin Offshore Platform (BMOP), may have been the last developer to pursue its critical deepwater export license, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the hunt. Of the four offshore crude oil export projects, BMOP stands out as the sole brownfield initiative, which should hold down costs and expedite its construction timeline. Further, a recent non-binding agreement with TotalEnergies underscores the industry’s interest in this unusual but compelling facility. In today’s RBN blog, we explore Energy Transfer’s unconventional approach. 

This blog marks the fifth installment in a series examining deepwater export projects being marketed along the U.S. Gulf Coast. In Gulf Coast Time, we discussed the benefits related to one of the single-point mooring (SPM) projects moving forward. In Patience, our attention turned to the obstacles facing the applicants. Leader of the Pack and Dark Horse focused on Enterprise’s Sea Port Oil Terminal (SPOT; green diamond in Figure 1 below) and Sentinel Midstream’s Texas GulfLink (TGL; yellow diamond), respectively. Today, our spotlight is on BMOP (dark-blue diamond). Also seeking a deepwater permit is Phillips 66 and Trafigura’s Bluewater Texas project (light-blue diamond), the topic of the next blog in this series. The region’s only operational deepwater terminal is the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP; purple diamond).

U.S. Gulf Coast Offshore Terminals

Figure 1. U.S. Gulf Coast Offshore Terminals. Source: RBN 

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