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Start Me Up - U.S. Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production Set to Advance in 2022

A few things have changed since we wrote our first hydrogen blog a year ago. First, there’s heightened awareness of the many ways hydrogen can be used to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Second, the number of proposed hydrogen production projects has proliferated, and our project list continues to grow each week. Third, and perhaps most importantly, the federal government has thrown its support — and billions in taxpayer dollars — behind low-carbon hydrogen. However, despite those positive developments, hurdles clearly remain in the hydrogen sector, with economics a major sticking point, though a few projects are set to get off the ground next year. In today’s RBN blog, we provide a year-end update on domestic hydrogen projects.

Back in the summer, we introduced our hydrogen production project list, which is contained in our weekly Hydrogen Billboard report, and evaluated some of the major ones on that list in Any Way You Want It. More recently, in Tangled Up in Blue, we took an in-depth look at Air Products & Chemicals’ planned “blue” hydrogen/ammonia project in Louisiana, which will include carbon capture and storage (CCS). Today, we’ll look at the latest hydrogen project announcements and bring everyone up to date on hydrogen-related provisions in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

Green Hydrogen Projects

Figure 1 shows our current list of “green” hydrogen projects in North America. While we aren’t particularly fond of the “colors of hydrogen” scheme, just know that these projects are the ones that use renewable energy to produce H2 via a process known as electrolysis, which we described in our second-ever hydrogen blog way back in January. While there are various smaller-scale green hydrogen plants in operation as well, we list only those that are seemingly large enough to supply enough hydrogen for commercial purposes, versus just for testing or demonstration. Also, we aren’t perfect, and if your favorite green hydrogen facility didn’t make the list, feel free to shoot us an e-mail (at jferguson@rbnenergy.com).

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