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Friday, 09/13/2019

July 24, 2019 – Natural Gas Intelligence

Northeast Regulatory Environment Seen Benefiting Nexus, Other DTE Platforms

By Leticia Gonzales

Costly natural gas pipeline delays in the Northeast have generated “a lot more interest” in DTE Energy’s pipeline platforms to move volumes from the Appalachian Basin, management said Wednesday.

Speaking on a call to discuss second quarter earnings, newly tapped CEO Jerry Norcia said Appalachia production is seeing roughly 13% year/year growth. While producer activity is expected to result in some...

Friday, 09/13/2019

July 17, 2019 – Bloomberg

A $2 Billion Gas Pipe Is Rare Flashpoint on Friendly Texas Turf

By Rachel Adams-Heard

A Kinder Morgan Inc.-led natural gas conduit is getting blowback in a place that’s so far been a refuge for the embattled pipeline industry: Texas. And it comes as drillers in the Lone Star state need pipeline space more than ever.

The $2 billion Permian Highway Pipeline would carry gas from America’s most prolific shale basin in West Texas to the Gulf Coast, helping to relieve bottlenecks that have led producers to...

Friday, 09/13/2019

July 17, 2019 – Wall Street Journal

Texas Showdown Flares Up Over Natural-Gas Waste

By Rebecca Elliott

A pipeline company is challenging Texas’ practice of allowing drillers to set unwanted natural gas on fire, in a case that could test state limits for how much of the fuel can legally go to waste.

As shale companies turned America into the world’s top oil producer, they unlocked massive quantities of natural gas as a byproduct and Texas has allowed them to freely burn off vast volumes as area pipelines fill up. The process is...

Friday, 09/13/2019

July 8, 2019 – Wall Street Journal

The U.S. Is Overflowing With Natural Gas. Not Everyone Can Get It.

By Stephanie Yang and Ryan Dezember

…The national benchmark, which is set at a knot of pipelines in Louisiana, recently hit a three-year low of $2.19 and has hovered below $3 for much of the year.

“I don’t recall a situation when we’ve had the highs and lows happen in such extremes and in such relatively close proximity,” says Rusty Braziel, a former gas trader who now advises energy producers, industrial gas...

Friday, 09/13/2019

July 5, 2019 – Forbes

Valuations In The Permian: Gearing Up For The Long Haul Or Running In Place?

By Bryce Erickson

When it comes to the oil patch, the word “growth” can be a vague term. It’s a word that can be masqueraded around to suit the perspective of whomever utters it. What does it mean in an industry whose principle resources are constantly in a state of decline? When it comes to the Permian Basin these days, growth applies to resources, drilling locations and production. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for profits, free...