You Oughta Know - Canadian Natural Gas Fundamentals, Storage, and Pricing

Canada’s natural gas market has been a source of tremendous interest to us at RBN. Last year, demand for gas in Alberta’s oil sands sector plummeted, inventories experienced record highs, yet prices remained remarkably healthy. But how can we know all that? From a data perspective, Canada’s natural gas landscape can be confusing and frustrating. Different units of measure and currencies, limited or no data coverage for important fundamental components, and numerous statistical agencies that organize and report the data in different ways just create further complications. But this data still needs to be tracked given the impact that Canadian gas production, demand, and storage levels can have on the U.S. market — and vice versa. Having all that vital Canadian gas data in one convenient package, along with some great analysis, sure would make life easier. Today, we discuss recent developments on the Canadian gas data front and why Canadian NATGAS Billboard would be a worthy addition to your analytic needs. Warning! Today’s blog is a blatant advertorial for an RBN product.

In terms of the data they provide, it seems that Canada and the U.S. are never quite on the same page when it comes to their separate, but highly integrated natural gas markets. Both have similar regulatory and statistical agencies that pump out natural gas data, but the amount and detail of data coverage can be very different, depending on which side of the border you are considering.

In terms of data volume and detail, there is no comparison. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) compiles data on most of the important aspects of the U.S. natural gas market that you might ever wish for. When combined with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) mandated daily reporting requirements for every receipt and delivery point on interstate natural gas pipelines, a lot of analytic effort and computer programming can yield a nearly real-time picture of the U.S. natural gas market in terms of production, major demand components, exports, imports, and storage.

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