Nothing Compares 2 U - A Video Replay of RBN's Spring 2017 School of Energy

If you missed the Golden State Warriors’ NBA Championship win last week, or an unbelievable putt at the U.S. Open this weekend you can always see it on ESPN’s SportsCenter. But what if you missed the most recent RBN School of Energy? Well, you’re in luck — we’re now offering 11 hours of video from SOE, which unlike other natural gas, crude oil or NGL conferences covers all three markets with hands-on course work. In each of the seven streaming-video modules, we drill down on an important aspect of the markets, explain how it works and provide spreadsheet models accompanied with instructional videos. Fair warning: Today’s blog is an unabashed advertorial.

Since RBN’s first School of Energy (SOE) four years ago, the conference has received rave reviews from attendees for its comprehensive approach to explaining today’s complex, highly interconnected hydrocarbon markets, how they fit together and affect each other and how to anticipate what’s coming next. To make all this information and analysis easier to take in and absorb, we break the conference into sessions — and we do the same with our newly available video of SOE, breaking it into seven modules, beginning with an intro module on Fundamentals (Module #1), five modules (#2 through #6) that focus on specific elements of the markets — Production, Natural Gas Markets, Crude Oil Markets, Natural Gas Liquids, a Production Economics Deep Dive and a concluding module (#7) that — as its title suggests — tells you “What It All Means.”  In the paragraphs below we provide the details of the content contained in each of the modules, and at the end of this blog we’ll talk about pricing and discounts.

Module #1: Fundamentals

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