Listen Up! - Hear What the Shale Revolution Really Means: The Domino Effect Audio Book

Crude oil and natural gas prices are back from the abyss, but does that mean the long awaited recovery is underway?  Maybe so.  But maybe not.  Energy markets are fickle, driven by a chain of interactions where one market event triggers another, and then another.  Rusty Braziel’s best-selling book, The Domino Effect, explores 30 such market events, which are represented by dominoes – hence the title of the book.  More dominoes are falling now and still more will fall in years to come.  This book explains the interconnectedness of energy markets through an analysis of energy market fundamentals: prices, flows, infrastructure, value, and economics. And good news for fans of audio books: The Domino Effect is now available on Amazon in Audible format.   Today’s blog, an advertorial for the audio book, highlights what The Domino Effect has to say about what’s going on now.

The Domino Effect is about understanding energy markets, what has been happening to energy markets over the past few years, and a framework for anticipating what is coming next.   The book’s thesis is that everything in these markets happens for a reason – one event triggers another, triggering another; that's the dominoes.  For example, 10 years ago, shale technologies first came to gas markets, which became oversupplied, which crushed their prices, which prompted producers to move their rigs to drill for wet gas that contained high volumes of natural gas liquids (NGLs). Soon NGL prices were crushed, too. It was inevitable that the same thing would happen to crude oil.  In the book, each one of these developments is a domino. There have been 30 dominoes since the Shale Revolution started. And more will start toppling soon.

The hardcover book is already a bestseller on Amazon, and our news today is that the audio version has just been published.  Get ready for some serious energy market listening.  The Domino Effect audio book is 9 hours and 59 minutes in length.  It is narrated by Eddie Garvar, known for his work in commercials, book narration, video games and even cartoon voices.  Eddie really brings The Domino Effect to life.   It’s great for listening on those long morning commutes.

Want to hear what it sounds like?  Go to the book website, The Domino Effect, click through to Amazon in the top left corner and then find the audio sample button, just below the book picture or on the Audible page for the book.    

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