Keepin' Up with the Daily Twists and Turns of Volatile, COVID-Era Energy Markets

Down to only two months left in 2020. Whew! We’ll all be relieved to see this one disappear in the rear-view mirror. It’s been an extreme roller coaster ride for oil and gas — from the onset of the COVID pandemic and the crude price collapse in the spring, to withering demand for transportation fuels, to one hurricane after another, to chaotic swings in natural gas prices. And being thrashed about by all this turmoil are the natural gas liquids, with each NGL product taking its own wild ride through erratic market conditions. It’s been a challenge just keeping up with what is going on. At RBN, we’ve been working on a new app to address this challenge, and today we are rolling it out to you, as a reader of our daily blog. We are talking about access to everything from spot and futures prices, to market statistics, to reports on intra-day pricing, and to market alerts as they happen. Sound interesting? If so, hang on to your hat and read on in this RBN product advertorial.

We call our new app ClusterX. It’s available today for you to test drive, either on your mobile device or any PC or Mac web browser. If this seems vaguely familiar, it’s because we discussed a friends-and-family release of ClusterX for some of our subscribers a few months back. And, in recent weeks, we’ve had pre-release ads on the website. Today, we are rolling out the real thing.

ClusterX organizes and displays energy data. That data includes prices, news alerts, differentials, market reports, industry statistics, blogs, forecasts — all kinds of information you need to track. If you were wondering, the name is a reference to the underlying technology, which clusters related information together, so that the most important data for a given topic is front and center, and other, related data is organized around that central theme. You get market alerts as they happen. And you get the app and data at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for this kind of information access.

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