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All Together Now - What You Need to Know About Energy Markets in One Place - Absolutely No Charge!

WTI crude finally closed above $70/bbl yesterday! Yup, change in energy markets is coming at us fast and furious. Whether it’s recovery from COVID, the return of Iranian supply, the changes in OPEC+ production, the majors being walloped by environmentalists, or a genuine upturn in crude prices, the big challenge is keeping up with what’s important, as it happens. That’s what we do at RBN, in our blogs, reports, conferences and webcasts. But many of our readers only know us through our daily blog, which confines us to only one topic each day. What if we had another no-cost service, where we would provide all our available info on energy news, market data, RBN analysis and just about anything that impacts oil, gas, NGLs, refined products, and renewables? Well, we’ve got that now. It’s called ClusterX Energy Market Fundamentals (EMF) channel. It’s an app for your phone or browser. It delivers to you everything our RBN team believes is important as soon as we can get the information into our databases. And all you need to get access to EMF is in today’s blog.

RBN’s ClusterX is not exactly new. We did a test-drive rollout of ClusterX late last year, starting with a channel focused on NGLs. When you launch a new product, it’s always important to listen to customer feedback, and we received a boatload. So today’s unveiling incorporates all those suggestions we received. No more one-trick NGL pony. We now provide coverage for crude, gas, NGLs, refined products, and renewables. The app includes a summary of each of our subscription RBN reports and we recap the major market developments of the day from a variety of sources. We’ve created a new user interface that’s easier to navigate, and the price is right: FREE!! That’s right. The ClusterX EMF channel is yours for absolutely no cost. This is no intro offer. It’s totally free. Don’t believe it?

Well, justclick this link and we’ll get you to the app right now.

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