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Change in energy markets is coming at us fast and furious. The big challenge is keeping up with what’s important, as it happens. That’s what ClusterX is all about.

It’s up-to-the-moment market intel, including energy news, data, RBN analysis and just about anything that impacts oil, gas, petroleum products, NGLs and renewables.

ClusterX delivers it all directly to your PC or mobile device.

Our Energy Market Fundamentals (EMF) channel is the most comprehensive source of market intelligence provided by ClusterX, and is absolutely FREE!   No signups.   No catches.   Just like our free RBN blog, ClusterX EMF covers the most significant developments going on in the market today.

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Below are some brief videos that will introduce you to ClusterX, discuss your trial, and provide training on how to use the application on your mobile device and computer.

ClusterX Introduction (2:19) - A quick introduction to the ClusterX app

How it works (1:24) - Get acquainted with the ClusterX app and its exciting new features

Navigating the ClusterX App (3:00) - Learn about how to use the app and how to navigate the key features

Exploring the Data Inside ClusterX (1:42) - Discover all the data and information provided on ClusterX

How to use ClusterX (1:43) - View a few of the most common reasons people use ClusterX

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