WSJ - U.S. Natural Gas Output Hit a Record High

September 19, 2022 – Wall Street Journal

U.S. Natural Gas Output Hit a Record High

By: Ryan Dezember

Daily natural gas production in the US is hitting triple digits for the first time ever, the latest sign of just how strong demand has become for the commodity. "Lower 48 natural gas production this month hit a once-unthinkable milestone, topping the all-important psychological threshold of 100B cubic feet per day for the first time," says RBN Energy's Sheetal Nasta in a research note, noting its model showed the first 100-bcf day was Sept. 6 when it reached 100.1. The US government agency EIA doesn't see official gas output consistently averaging 100 bcf per day or more until the second quarter of 2023. Production last quarter averaged 96.87 bcf/day.

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