So Much Cooler Online - RBN's Fall 2020 School of Energy

Over each of the past eight years, we’ve opened the doors at RBN’s School of Energy with updated analytical models, new subject modules, and timely special features that have reflected the evolution of energy markets from the early days of the Shale Revolution and $100/bbl crude oil, through the price crash of 2015-16 and the incredible 2017-19 rebound. But these market shifts pale in comparison with what’s happened so far in 2020: a global pandemic, crude crashing to negative $37/bbl, a wipeout in LNG exports, a Cat 4 hurricane into Lake Charles — it just seems to keep on coming. Which means there has never been a more important time to reassess market analytics in the context of these tectonic shifts in the energy industry. That is exactly what we’ll cover today in this blatant advertorial for RBN's Fall 2020 School of Energy.

But of course, we are living through this era of social distancing, so our conference has GONE VIRTUAL!! We will webcast the entire School in real time, October 20-21. We will have updated content to reflect the massive changes we’ve seen over the past six months, along with additional faculty and revised models. We’ll do everything we can to make the experience just like the in-person conference, including live Q&A, real-time access to presentation materials, and downloadable models.

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