NGI - Permian Crude Sets Sail from Buckeye’s New South Texas Export Terminal

July 17, 2020 – Natural Gas Intelligence

Permian Crude Sets Sail from Buckeye’s New South Texas Export Terminal

By Leticia Gonzales

Sourced with Permian Basin crude oil, Buckeye Partners LP on Thursday loaded the first vessel for export at its new South Texas Gateway (STG) terminal in Ingleside, TX…

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…Meanwhile, the second phase of the Channel Improvement Project is slated to begin next month, which would increase the depth and widen the channel with an additional 400 feet of barge shelves. Completion is projected for early 2022, at which time STG would then be able to load as much as 1.5 million bbl onto VLCCs before sending them out for a quick topping off in the Gulf of Mexico, according to RBN Energy LLC. VLCCs can transport 2 million bbl when fully loaded.

RBN said that marine terminals in Corpus Christi and nearby Ingleside exported 249 million bbl in the first six months of the year, or about 1.54 million b/d. That’s more exported crude than Houston (159 million bbl) and Beaumont (73 million bbl) combined, and more than three times what Louisiana sent abroad in the same period (80 million bbl).

With its existing and planned storage, two docks and loading capacity, RBN estimates that STG would have a sustainable loading capacity of 800,000 b/d.

A key aim in the design of the terminal, RBN said, has been to maintain crude quality. In addition to receiving fungible streams of West Texas Intermediate and West Texas Light, the facility has the ability to receive batches of crude with more specific qualities into tanks dedicated to specific customers, and from there into individual cargo tanks within the VLCCs and Suezmaxes that would load at Gateway, analyst Housley Carr explained.