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Oh, Oh, Domino – The Shale Revolution and Energy Market Fundamentals: The Book

Energy market volatility in 2015 was neither the result of random market fluctuations nor geopolitical orchestration.  The market pressures had been building for years, as one market event triggered another, leading inexorably to the carnage of Q4 2015.  In fact, there were thirty such market events, which are represented by dominos in the new book by Rusty Braziel, titled The Domino Effect now Amazon’s #1 bestselling book in four categories.  More dominoes will topple in 2016 and the years beyond.  This book is about understanding how and why the dominos have and will continue to fall based on an analysis of energy market fundamentals: prices, flows, infrastructure, value, and economics.  Today’s blog, an advertorial for the book, highlights some of the key aspects of The Domino Effect.

The Domino Effect by Rusty Braziel is now Amazon’s #1 selling book in four categories.

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