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Crude Accommodation At The Oiltank Inn

Rapid change in the Gulf Coast crude supply picture is encouraging new infrastructure investment by crude and feedstock terminal companies anxious to capitalize from increased throughput volumes. A 3 MMb/d influx of new crude from pipelines in Texas and the Midwest over the next two years could easily end up causing indigestion at Houston refineries and that means opportunity for storage and blending operators. Today we continue our survey of Gulf Coast crude terminals by looking at Oiltanking Houston.


In Part 1 of the series (see Echo and the Blending Men) we looked at the new 6 MMBbl Enterprise ECHO crude terminal being touted as a delivery point if the NYMEX list a Houston crude futures contract. In Part 2 (see Nederland Crude Wonderland) we looked at the Energy Transfer Partners/Sunoco Logistics Nederland Terminal at Port Neches on the Texas/Louisiana border between Beaumont and Port Arthur 100 miles East of Houston. That terminal has been in place since the beginning of the twentieth century and now has 22 MMBbl of storage capacity.

Oiltanking Houston

This time we turn our attention to the Oiltanking Houston (OTH) Terminal on the Houston Ship Channel east of downtown Houston. The Ship Channel is the conduit for ocean going vessels between the Port of Houston, Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. One of the largest refinery and petrochemical complexes in the world runs along the Ship Channel. Don’t book a vacation there. We found a satellite map of the Ship Channel that includes the names of many of the plant facilities and terminals and we have attached a copy of it at the end of the blog (scroll down to the bottom of the page – if the download doesn’t work for you, let us know at info@rbnenergy.com and we will email a copy). We reproduce a smaller version of the map below with the OTH terminal marked with a black arrow. You can see that Oiltanking are right in the thick of the action.

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