C'mon Gimme Good Water: EPA Draft Report on Hydraulic Fracturing

It is certainly no secret that hydraulic fracturing, the process used to crack shale to yield natural gas and oil, is highly controversial.  Numerous reports, claims, protests, etc. have asserted that hydraulic fracturing poses a danger to drinking water, which has led to a storm of argument and opposition in many areas of the country.  Anyone wondering how oil and gas markets will work in the future must have in the back of their mind the possibility that opposition could lead to rules that would stifle supply development.  So many were anxiously awaiting an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study of hydraulic fracturing and drinking water that had been going on for five years.  The draft of that study was released in June.  What does it do, and what does it mean for oil and gas future development?  Today, we explore some of the findings of the draft report and focus on its implications for the natural gas industry.

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