CBC - B.C. First Nation and partners propose new $10B LNG megaproject

July 19, 2021 – CBC News

B.C. First Nation and partners propose new $10B LNG megaproject

By: Kyle Bakx

Ownership of Ksi Lisims LNG is still being determined as the proponents continue to finalize commercial agreements.

The economic impact of Ksi Lisims LNG is estimated to be $55-billion including the facility, pipeline and the production of natural gas over 30 years.

"It is a big project. It's a lot of money. But will the economics be there for it in the long run?" said Martin King, a natural gas analyst with RBN Energy.

"That's the ultimate arbiter of everything that happens in building these projects — will it meet economic thresholds?"

Ksi Lisims LNG is negotiating with two companies to build a pipeline.

Enbridge's Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission project and TC Energy's Prince Rupert Gas Transmission project both already have environmental approvals in place as they were meant to transport natural gas for now-cancelled LNG export projects in the Prince Rupert area.

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