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A Backstage Pass to RBN Energy – New Premium Services Launching Today

RBN Energy is branching out!  Today we are launching our new premium services package called Backstage Pass.  Just like it sounds, this new service gets you deep into the details of the data and models we put together at RBN, providing what we believe is a whole new level of information access, insights and connections across energy markets.  Don’t panic.  The blog is still free.  But if you are like the many RBN members that have asked for a much broader range of services, then you will be happy to learn that the answer is now ‘yes’.  We are rolling out the service with what we believe is the definitive study assessing the crude-by-rail phenomenon.  Learn everything you need to know about our new premium services in today’s blog.  But be warned, this is an unabashed commercial plug for our new service.  We hope you find it intriguing.

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