RBN Energy Student Pass Blog Writing Contest

RBN Energy is happy to introduce our Student Pass Blog Writing Contest. This contest offers students a chance to earn cash prizes and be published as RBN’s Daily Energy Blog that’s read by tens of thousands of energy professionals across the world. RBN works with university faculty to coordinate these contests for their students, with the intent of encouraging students to write well researched interesting articles, and also providing public recognition for their effort and their school to the entire RBN Energy blogosphere. Contact us on the Student Pass Program to learn more about getting your students involved.

About RBN’s Student Pass Program

The RBN Student Pass program is designed to bring our energy research to university students across the world. Starting with the foundation of “The Domino Effect”, a book written RBN founder, Rusty Braziel, students learn about U.S. crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids (NGLs) markets at no additional cost. To learn more about the RBN Student Pass program visit us HERE

And the Winner is...

Previous Contests and Winners

Fall 2020

Congratulations to the Fall 2020 Student Pass Blog Writing Contest Winners from the Texas A&M TRIP Program

In our inaugural Student Pass Blog Writing competition, RBN teamed up with Texas A&M University and the students of Texas A&M TRIP program. We received several interesting and well written essays, and these three stood above the rest. We are proud to announce the top three finishers of this year’s competition and look forward to working the faculty at Texas A&M in Spring 2021 competition.

  1. I Want to Break Free – The Upcoming Release of Crude Oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
    Submitted by Elizabeth Dicken
  2. Gulf of Mexico – Lease Sale 256 and U.S. Outer Continental Shelf Acreage
    Submitted by Jared Dowdy
  3. New Love In Town – The Rise To Prominence Of The Netherlands Title Transfer Facility (TTF)
    Submitted by William Atkinson

About the Texas A&M TRIP Program

The Texas A&M Trading, Risk & Investments Certificate Program (TRIP) prepares students in the fields of energy trading, investments and risk management by combining exceptional class instruction with hands-on, internship-based experience. TRIP is open to any undergraduate student at Texas A&M in any major, U2 & U3 classifications preferred but not required. In TRIP students are assigned internships with three different Advisory Board member firms. Firms give TRIP students the opportunity to learn and add value to the company while earning competitive compensation. Through these internships, students will leave the program with 10-12 months of relevant experience and exposure to company cultures, preparing them to hit the ground running in their careers.