Studio Sessions

RBN Studio Sessions

RBN Studio Sessions brought together our senior analysts and industry leaders for a virtual, interactive deep dive into the key questions and issues facing the energy sector. These one-day online events combined market update presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A, so that our audience could be a part of the conversation and hear directly from industry executives with first-hand knowledge of the topic at hand.

Past Studio Sessions:

  • Alberta Bound (June 4, 2020)

    Our inaugural Studio Session focused on the latest developments unfolding in Canadian oil and gas markets. Led by Martin King, the two-hour Alberta Bound Studio Session included two half-hour market update presentations, interspersed with insights from industry leaders, including David Smith of Keyera, Tracy Robinson of TC Energy, Vern Yu of Enbridge, and of course, RBN’s own Rusty Braziel.

  • It's A Gas: Propane (May 12, 2021)

    In 2020, it was a whole new ballgame for U.S. propane markets, which all but ceded control to global markets, with more propane exported to Asia than consumed by the domestic retail markets. The resulting turmoil spilled over into 2021 with shipping constrains at the Panama Canal, sky high shipping rates, and still more export dock capacity. In this Studio Session, we explored the latest fundamental and infrastructure developments and their implications for U.S. propane markets.

  • It’s A Gas: Hydrogen (June 29, 2021)

    It’s cool to be green, and hydrogen has taken center-stage among capital investors, Wall Street, and traditional energy players alike. What is the hype and what is the reality? In this Studio Session, we cut through the buzz and got down to the straight talk on hydrogen technologies, economics, and infrastructure developments, putting it all in language and metrics familiar to anyone conversant in energy markets.

  • It’s A Gas: CO2 (August 10, 2021)

    There’s a fresh breeze blowing through the energy patch. Oil and gas companies seem to have turned a corner and are piling on the climate change bandwagon. They’re talking green, walking green, and many are in hot pursuit of government subsidies and tax breaks that are here today, with expectations that more incentives are on the way. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is their primary target, by far the most prevalent greenhouse gas, and companies are faced with the decision of whether to utilize a form of carbon capture in their traditional business to achieve carbon-neutrality or aim towards the avoidance of producing CO2 altogether. In this Studio Session, we discussed the various sources of CO2, ways that companies are managing their carbon-footprint, the infrastructure required to handle produced CO2, government incentives and regulations, its use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR), investment challenges and more.


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