About RBN Energy

RBN Energy is about making connections across energy markets. We connect energy data with the information needed to understand that data. We connect physical markets for energy commodities with financial markets for managing price risk. And we connect people who need energy markets information with those that provide that information.

We make those connections across six lines of business:

  1. The RBN Daily Blog. At 5:00am central time each business day we release the Daily Energy Post, a market commentary from one of our RBN contributors where we get deep into the details about energy market trends, the mechanics of how energy markets function, and the workings of economic and operational energy models. We do our best to make these postings interesting and informative, and to pick musically referenced titles that make us, and hopefully you - smile. Access to our postings is absolutely free.Sign up for our Daily Energy Post email.
  2. Consulting Services. RBN provides a broad range of consulting services across the natural gas, crude oil, condensate and NGL markets. We specialize in helping clients understand, formulate and implement strategies around the very rapid changes in all of these energy industry segments. Our services range from strategic advice in fundamental shifts such as evolution in a business from one hydrocarbon market to another, to due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, to expert help in legal/regulatory arenas, to assistance in the development of new markets unfamiliar to the client. More about RBN’s consulting business.
  3. Backstage Pass™ Premium Services. With RBN Backstage Pass™, you will join an exclusive team of industry professionals with access to unique information, insights and connections across energy markets. RBN Backstage Pass™ resources include Drill-Down Reports, Blog Archive Access, Spotcheck Indicators, Market Fundamentals Webcasts, Get-Togethers and more. These resources provide in-depth investigation and analysis of the most important developments in today’s fast changing crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids markets. More about Backstage Pass.
  4. Premium Subscription Reports. RBN’s Premium Subscription Reports cover the Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Natural Gas Liquids markers through fundamental based market intelligence services. The reports are offered daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and cover both national macro trends as well as regionally focused micro ones. Our Voyager Series focuses on United States Export Markets, while our Permian reports details the driving factors behind one of the industry’s most dynamic markets. More about RBN Reports.
  5. School of Energy. RBN’s unique School of Energy is a genuine classroom situation with students learning the fundamentals of the natural gas, crude oil, and NGL markets, and in particular much of the interrelationships between those markets. The coursework is characterized by an extensive series of hands-on model exercises, with Excel analytical models students learn and then take with them. RBN holds two or three School of Energy sessions each year. More on School of Energy.
  6. Speaking Engagements. Several of RBN’s senior executives are frequent speakers at company meetings and industry conferences, including David Braziel – RBN Energy CEO, Rusty Braziel - Executive Chairman, Rick Smead – Managing Director, Advisory Services and Scott Potter – Managing Director, Business Development. Over the past year RBN executives have participated as speakers at more than 35 board meetings, company meetings, customer meetings and industry conferences. Have a member of the RBN team as a speaker at your company’s event.

Want more information about the RBN Energy LLC? A message from Rusty Braziel.