Love Is a Battlefield: U.S. Push to Decarbonize Playing Out Very Differently from State to State

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It’s clear by now that the global move to decarbonize isn’t going to be a straight line leading directly to abundant carbon-free power and a net-zero world. All sorts of obstacles have popped up, indicating that the energy industry’s trilemma of availability, reliability and affordability not only clash with each other on occasion, they can also conflict with economic and environmental priorities. Nowhere is that more evident than in the U.S., where small-scale battles over the clean-energy transition are playing out all over the map, as we discuss in our new report.

Many states have been persistent in their efforts to transition away from fossil fuels, but they have been stymied by the practicalities of energy markets, the real-world limitations on renewable energy, and concerns about pricing and reliability. It’s also important to note that the states attempting to make the biggest changes are also planning to carry them out in the shortest amount of time, requiring a pace much faster than states have typically added conventional resources. Although the situation in each state included in our report is different, they each serve as an example of the need to consider the real-world impact, secondary consequences, and long-term risks of various energy policies.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • In Hawaii, the move away from coal- and oil-fired power is proving to be easier said than done.
  • California has big plans for renewables, but has paused its transition away from gas, nukes.
  • Wind and solar may be booming in Texas, but they’re also facing more pushback from the state.
  • New York’s ambitious goals to rest on its ability to add new resources at an unprecedented rate.
  • Political changes, focus on compromise help put Michigan at the forefront of U.S. energy policy.

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