RBN Energy NATGAS Permian Report

The Permian Basin leads the US in oil production, infrastructure investments, and CAPEX investment. It is currently the second largest natural gas production basin, and with new plays coming online, it’s the fastest growing. With some of the most favorable production economics, it’s the most actively drilled, and is increasingly becoming one of the most volatile spot markets in the Natural Gas industry. Staying informed of this evolving basin is essential for anyone involved in energy markets today, and is why RBN is proud to offer the NATGAS Permian Report. 

The NATGAS Permian Report is a weekly natural gas fundamentals analysis focusing entirely on the key market drivers within the Permian basin. The report contains details and forecasts around natural gas production, demand, and pricing. It offers a summary of pipeline outflows and capacities from the Permian to neighboring regions, outlining the key shifts in flows to the West, MidCon, and Texas intrastate markets.

Not only does it provide a summary of current fundamentals, but also includes a detailed Supply & Demand forecast through 2025. The forecast includes an outlook for Permian basin production, exports to Mexico, demand, and infrastructure. Finally, the report translates the S&D forecast into a basis price outlook for Waha for the next four years.


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