RBN Energy Crude Oil Permian Report


The Crude Oil Permian service provides clients with detailed analysis of the fundamental drivers impacting the Permian Basin crude oil market.

Subscribers receive weekly updates, including data, analysis and market intelligence on factors affecting Permian crude oil supply and demand, pipeline outflows and capacity, prices and infrastructure. The report also provides a forward outlook for Permian oil production as well as the impact of new pipelines on regional crude markets.



What you get

  • Crude Oil Permian Weekly – A weekly PDF report that combines fundamental data, graphs, and analysis to provide a comprehensive picture of the Permian oil market, including the upstream oil supply, pipeline flows and price dynamics that affect it. The report also includes updates of historical oil pipeline flow data obtained from the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC).
  • Data File – The weekly report is accompanied by a data file containing all the historical pipeline data shown in the tables and graphs of the report. The data is updated as it becomes available at the RRC and extends back to 2013.This file must be purchased in addition to an annual license.


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