Billboard Suite

Billboard Suite

The RBN Billboard Analytic Suite organizes our energy fundamentals research into six commodity-focused reports: Crude Gusher, U.S. NATGAS Billboard, Canadian NATGAS Billboard, Propane Billboard, Refinery Billboard and Hydrogen Billboard. Save $1,412 on our Billboard reports with an annual Billboard Suite subscription. Suite subscribers also receive a 20% discount at sign-up on any add-ons from our Map Store.

Save $1,412 with an annual suite package
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  • Crude Gusher

    Crude Gusher

    A weekly crude oil supply-demand analysis and outlook report that distills the key fundamental and pricing trends behind what’s moving the industry’s most popular commodity, including production, demand, storage, imports/exports, and prices, as well as RBN’s proprietary monthly forecast.

  • NATGAS Billboard - U.S.

    NATGAS Billboard - U.S.

    A daily, morning report providing an up-to-the-minute outlook for the U.S. natural gas market, including our weekly storage injections/withdrawals estimates, near-term demand forecast, as well as seasonal inventory and Henry Hub NYMEX futures price projections.

  • NATGAS Billboard - Canada

    NATGAS Billboard - Canada

    A weekly, early morning service, including a PDF report and data supplement that is designed to save physical and financial market participants time and confusion by compiling and distilling all the most critical data points driving the Canadian gas market.

  • Propane Billboard

    Propane Billboard

    A deep dive into the U.S. propane market with supply-demand balances by PADD, and insightful commentary and analysis of historical and anticipated trends, including a custom 1-year forecast. The service offers a weekly PDF report, a monthly PDF supplement and a monthly Excel model.

  • Refinery Billboard

    Refinery Billboard

    A collaboration of RBN Energy and Baker & O’Brien that provides an unprecedented view into the economics and operations of U.S. refineries. This weekly report includes regional price spreads and netbacks as well as a refinery-specific breakdown of indicative margins based on 5-year average feedstock and yield sets in Baker & O’Brien‘s PRISM™ refinery modeling system.

  • Hydrogen Billboard

    Hydrogen Billboard

    Filters through the noise with an unbiased lens to deliver impactful hydrogen infrastructure and market analysis into the latest developments in the domestic and global hydrogen markets. The report tracks hydrogen project announcements in the production, midstream, and end-use sectors, and seeks to bridge the gap between the emerging hydrogen and existing conventional hydrocarbon markets.

Product Deliverables* Monthly Annual
NATGAS Billboard - U.S. $80 $912
NATGAS Billboard - Canada $180 $2,000
Propane Billboard $250 $2,300
Refinery Billboard $450 $2,500
Hydrogen Billboard $100 $1,000
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*Excel files only available with annual subscriptions.
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