RBN Midstream Infrastructure Database Interface Help

RBN’s Midstream Infrastructure Database Interface – called MIDI – is an online toolset that links an energy project database and a mapping system.  

The Project Database includes U.S. crude oil, NGL and natural gas pipeline projects that are under development or have been placed into service within the past few months.  Each commodity category (crude, gas, NGLs) has a Table View for details about the projects, and a Map View which displays a project map.  The Project Database is updated monthly in the third week of each month.   Beginning in December 2015, monthly updates will be available here.

Featured Maps from selected RBN Drill Down Reports and blogs are included in MIDI.  The explanation of infrastructure and terrain for Featured Maps is included in the text of its Drill Down report or blog source material. 

Both Featured Maps and Database Maps use the same map display interface. Each map has three functions available.  You can:

  • Zoom in and out with the widget on the top left.   
  • Scroll all around the map the way you would on any map application.  

Select what features you want to see and what background (base map) you want to see it on with the widget on the top right.   Features include which pipelines to include, which refineries and storage facilities to include, and whether or not to include labels.  Note that you can always see the name of any feature by hovering your mouse over it whether labels are displayed or not.


Still confused? Click Map Help in the bottom right corner of any map.

Note that all functionality of RBN’s Pipeline GIS application have been subsumed into MIDI.

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