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You Say You Want a Revolution - Shale Gas Implications for US Manufacturing

Consistent lower natural gas prices resulting from the boom in shale production are expected to fuel a major increase in industrial demand over the coming years. RBN expects that sector’s demand to increase by 5 Bcf/d from 19 Bcf/d in 2013 to 24 Bcf/d in 2025. There have been numerous announcements of new plant builds and expanded capacity projects in primary industries. Less well documented are the wider ramifications of abundant shale natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) supplies for US manufacturing industry as a whole. Today in the first of a two part series Taylor Robinson from PLG Consulting outlines the changes underpinning a new industrial renaissance.

You Crack Me Up. A Brief History of Hydraulic Fracturing

Many who write about hydraulic fracturing suggest, or state explicitly, that it is a new technology in the oil and gas industry. This can hardly be further from the truth. Indeed, it is probably the case that hydraulic fracturing is older than most of the people writing about it.  Today we begin a series on hydraulic fracturing and why it has had such a significant impact on gas and oil production over the past few years.

“You Never Give Me Your Money”—Some Common Oil & Gas Royalty Disputes

Natural gas and oil development, especially in shale plays that require a lot of wells and a lot of activity, can be inconvenient and noisy.  There are also, of course, various criticisms and protests around some of the processes used, such as hydraulic fracturing, and around the overall level of activity, such as truck traffic.  The gas and oil producing industry values strong relationships with the communities where it needs to work, and can use all the friends it can get as it takes the lead in developing the nation’s vast energy resource.  Bringing big economic benefits to those communities, which are often rural or industrial areas hard-hit by economic downturns, is clearly really important in the efforts to build those relationships and friendships.  There are a lot of different kinds of economic benefits deriving from supply development, but by far the most important to the affected landowners are the royalties resulting from private mineral rights.  Today we continue our examination of the inner workings of oil and mineral rights issues, this time considering some common oil and gas royalty disputes.

A Backstage Pass to RBN Energy – New Premium Services Launching Today

RBN Energy is branching out!  Today we are launching our new premium services package called Backstage Pass.  Just like it sounds, this new service gets you deep into the details of the data and models we put together at RBN, providing what we believe is a whole new level of information access, insights and connections across energy markets.  Don’t panic.  The blog is still free.  But if you are like the many RBN members that have asked for a much broader range of services, then you will be happy to learn that the answer is now ‘yes’.  We are rolling out the service with what we believe is the definitive study assessing the crude-by-rail phenomenon.  Learn everything you need to know about our new premium services in today’s blog.  But be warned, this is an unabashed commercial plug for our new service.  We hope you find it intriguing.

The Top Ten Energy Prognostications for 2014 – Year of the Horse

So you are feeling pretty good about 2014, eh?  Stock market on a tear.  Most U.S. energy markets relatively stable.  Gaps in the oil and gas infrastructure getting filled.  Well let’s not get cocky.  U.S. energy markets are still in the middle of a revolutionary transformation from shortage to surplus.  Where there are big shifts, there are big market disruptions.  And in such disruptions, there are always winners and losers.   You don’t want to be on the short end of that stick.  So in our time honored tradition – the second year in a row – we again stick our collective RBN necks out to peer into the crystal ball to see what 2014 may hold.   

RBN *Summer* School of Energy – Hot Hot Hot Stuff

It’s time!   Registration for RBN’s *Summer* School of Energy is open.  Once again RBN Energy is offering an intense curriculum of energy market fundamentals analysis covering the whys and hows of the most important developments in the crude oil, natural gas and NGL markets.  This time the course is hot.  Really hot.  Because we are holding the conference in the middle of July in Houston.  And we’ve expanded the content to include an optional Preschool that consists of a half-day deep dive into the (hot) condensate markets, and another half day for a tour of (very hot) Mont Belvieu.   There is more - much more that we’ll review below.  And BTW, if this sounds like an unabashed commercial for our conference, that’s because it is.  You have been warned!

The Pathfinder Tribes of Nrge Land – Dr. Vince Kaminski

The origins of the Pathfinders tribes of the Nrge Land are shrouded in mystery.  A growing body of academic literature seems to support the hypothesis that at least some of them are refugees from the Econ land [1], escaping subsistence wages, poor

School’s Out for Summer

Last week we held the first RBN School of Energy at the St. Regis hotel in Houston.  Based on the feedback we received it was a huge success, achieving the goals we laid out for the conference.  Today we’ll report on the conference itself, and review some of the most important points covered in the curriculum.  Warning, this blog could (and should) be considered an advertorial, so read at your own risk.

Having Trouble Accessing Spotcheck?

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RBN Energy's Top Predictions For 2014

(January 3, 2014 - Seeking Alpha) RBN Energy's Top Predictions For 2014 (By: Michael Fitzsimmons)